Universal Aging in Place Senior Home Project

Nashville’s Aging in Place Idea House

The 2015 A Better Nest Idea House event was not your typical home tour–it did not showcase high design. The emphasis was on the thoughtfulness that goes into creating an environment that truly supports healthy aging.

Aging in Place has become a hot topic for those who are contemplating options for the future and for those who have loved ones who are older and adamant about remaining at home. A Better Nest’s work is to help assess and customize homes to accommodate the unique situations and goals of their occupants.

The majority of our work is retrofitting solutions into existing homes, however, in 2014–2015, we had the opportunity to consult with a local couple to design and build a new residence that supports their goal to remain at home long-term. They graciously allowed us to use their project as a forum to to engage the community in the conversation about Aging in Place in a tangible way.

Everyone’s story is different, but we think you’ll find elements of this one that will resonate with you. We invite you to read about this very special project and to envision your own better nest!

Pick a Topic

1. Where am I going to spend the rest of my days?
2. House #1 – The Old Homestead…
3. House #2 – Another Beloved Family Home
4. House #3 – Creating a Home for Life
5. What is the Goal for the House?
6. Assembling a Team
7. Building Our Team
8. The A Better Nest Touch...
9. The Lot Poses a Challenge: A River Runs Through It (10/21/14)
10. Solution: A River Runs Away from It (2/2015)
11. Progress! (3/30/15)
12. Progress: The First Bathroom is In!
13. Progress! Nice Footings! (4/24/15)
14. What Could Trees Possibly Have to do with Aging in Place?
15. Progress! First Wall! (5/28/15)
16. Progress! Framing Goes Quickly! (6/9/15)
17. Uh Oh!
18. Progress! Starting to Look Like a House! (6/13/15)
19. Zero Step Entry (1 of 4): (7/9/15)
20. Zero Step Entry (2 of 4): (7/29/15)
21. Zero Step Entry (3 of 4): (7/9/15)
22. Zero Step Entry (4 of 4): (10/21/15)
23. The First Time Ever They Saw Their Place... (8/15/15)
24. Last Progress Photo of the House (10/21/15)
25. Meet the A Better Nest Idea House Sponsors!
26. Security Systems – A Valuable Tool for Aging in Place
27. Door Hardware and Grab Bars
28. Make Your Lighting Work FOR You!
29. A Nod to the Homeowner’s Folks
30. Preparing for Change...
31. Celebrating a Successful Open House!
32. Capturing the Homeowners' Spirits
33. The Art of the "Right Size"
34. A Kitchen that Works: Aging in Place Nashville Idea House
35. The Master Bath, an Overall Winner

The “Top 13” Things

…the Idea House homeowners will never have to do again:

  1. Climb 13 steps to get in/out of the house
  2. Crawl on the floor to get something out of a kitchen cabinet
  3. Climb on the furniture to adjust the blinds
  4. Hand-carry groceries and heavy items in from the garage
  5. Fumble with keys to open the doors
  6. Struggle to see in any room
  7. Step up and over a 9" curb to take a shower
  8. Drag out the ironing board
  9. Walk up and down a steep hill to get the mail
  10. Hang-dry clothes in the guest room
  11. Change light bulbs as often
  12. Limit entertaining because friends can’t get into the house
  13. Stress over their home not being ready for whatever the future may bring

What’s on your list of things you wish you never had to do again?

A Better Nest =
Daily Life Transformed!