Assembling a Team

Assembling a Team

Our homeowners engaged  A Better Nest  in spring 2014. Services began with an assessment of their current home to identify things that needed to be addressed to make the home suitable for the long-haul.  The assessment informed their decision about whether to modify or to relocate. The decision was made to build a new residence, and we began to assemble a team. 

First up were architects Steve Gilbert and Brandon Cothron (Gilbert, McLaughlin, Casella), who worked with us for several months on the plans. The owners gave them a significant challenge – to create a new home that is reminiscent of their current one but which improves upon it. It needs to feel like home and reflect their lifestyle and aesthetic. It needs to be smaller and still accommodate the furniture they’re taking with them.  And, it needs to stay within a specific budget.  Steve and Brandon took all of that in stride. Through a very dynamic process they, A Better Nest and the owners created a design that fits the bill.

Aging in Place Tip: 

It is easier to preserve independence than it is to restore it.

Aging-in-Placers tend to fall into two general camps: those who are proactive and those who “wait and see.” Which are you?