What is the Goal for the House?

What is the Goal for the House?

We’ve already talked a little about the importance of acknowledging the question of where to spend the rest of our days. Whether considering a major remodel, a minor tweak, a downsize or move to a senior community, the Mother of All Questions is: What is the goal for a particular home?

There is no one correct answer for all people.  There are many things to consider and a variety of options, no matter what the plan is. A Better Nest’s goal is to assist folks with making informed decisions.

The goals established by the Idea House’s owners are as follows:

  • To remain at home for as long as possible
  • To have a home that functions well for their needs and lifestyle
  • To be smaller, but still able to accommodate the furnishings they wanted to keep
  • To make it feel like their current home
  • To be visitable by all of their friends and relatives and able to comfortably accommodate overnight guests, most of whom are seniors as well
  • In cost, not to exceed the amount of equity they have in their current home.

Planning for this project began long before A Better Nest assembled the project team. We worked extensively with the owners to identify and clarify their needs and wants. By the time we brought the architects and builder on board, we and the owners were very clear about the features we were asking them to incorporate into the design and build.