Solution: A River Runs Away from It (2/2015)

Solution:  A River Runs Away from It  (2/2015)

Green Hills has some interesting geology, including underground caverns and other rock formations. The spring that fed the “river” was completely underground and flowing through fissures in the rock. We know this because we added a geologist to our team to help us get this right. He worked with both the architect and builder to design a system that would carry all water away from the house and appropriately disperse it elsewhere. 

The heavy rains of January/February 2015 delayed construction, but turned out to be a huge blessing. This drainage system was rigorously tested and performed well. The owners now have great peace of mind and a future home that won’t have water problems.

Aging in Place Tip:  Regardless of where you make your lifetime home, it is important to recognize and mitigate issues with the house and property before investing in major changes within the home.  Weighing these factors is an important aspect of deciding whether a home should be modified and what needs to be addressed when doing so.